About eBacMap®

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act emphasizes the importance of recognizing where environmental pathogen persistence exists and verifying the effectiveness of Sanitation Preventive Controls. eBacMap® is a cloud-based mapping, tracking, and trending software tool that does just that, by helping food manufacturers and other regulated manufacturers organize, visualize and analyze the microscopic pathogens that threaten your business.

eBacMap® creates a heat map of your manufacturing facility allowing you to easily organize Environmental Pathogen Data so that you can quickly visualize the physical location and frequency of contaminations.  Identifying patterns in positive test results will allow you and your team to more easily recognize recurrences and understanding overall data relationships. Those insights can enable you to make better targeted and efficient preventive actions.

eBacMap® is a patent pending software tool developed by expert food microbiologists specifically to help improve the ability to monitor and manage regulated manufacturing environments.