Developed By Experts

eBacMap® was created by food microbiologists to bring peace of mind for the food manufacturing industry and those who stay up at night worrying about environmental pathogens.

At-a-glance Dashboard

Login and quickly see the weekly and monthly trends.

Results mapping

See when and where non-compliant testing results arise, allowing you to make better choices in developing corrective actions plans.

Customize maps

User friendly interface allows subscribers to customize maps for their facilities. Our comprehensive software includes an easy to follow on-line training program. No expensive out-of-town consultants needed. Customer care is available to answer all your questions by phone and email.


Customize who and when receives notifications for positive results and non-conforming trends on aggregated data.

No limits

Unlimited mapping and data tracking per facility. Unlimited users per account. We understand that in the food manufacturing environment that processing rooms within a facility are connected, by equipment, air, and people. What happens in one room can impact the next. Our software tool allows you to track all your manufacturing rooms under one roof for the same subscription price.


 Self-help training videos



  • Replace the hasty notes on loose papers, the endless excel spreadsheets, and helter-skelter processes. Our cloud-based software provides a uniform approach to recording the results of your swab tests.
  • Meets third party, regulatory, and customer requirements for Environmental Pathogen tracking and trending.


  • See where and when non-comforming hot spots arise in your facilities using fully customizable maps designed with your facility in mind. 
  • Investigation teams including Sanitation, QA, and Production, have a common visual tool to identify and eliminate contamination issues. 
  • Notifications with pictures of contaminated sampling sites helps communication and coordination among differing teams, shifts, and languages.


  • Use your data to save time and money.
  • Bring efficiency back to the lab. No more need to update spreadsheets. Your information is organized and accessible.
  • Reduce the risk of product recall by catching your threats earlier and with specificity.
  • Focus sanitation labor resources where they are needed to more quickly eliminate contaminants.  
  • Minimize downtime and rework by correcting problems faster